27th May 2018 at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall for the Nottingham Post

The presenters and characters from Channel 5’s Milkshake have left the studio to travel the UK with Milkshake Live! The Magic Story Book Tour.  With the promise of plenty of kids’ favourites, including Bob the Builder, the Little Princess, Noddy and Fireman Sam, there was an air of frenzied excitement at Nottingham’s Concert Hall and a surprisingly large attendance on this Bank Holiday weekend.

A magical bookcase set the scene and the anticipation built as we waited to find out which 2 of the Milkshake presenters would be appearing on stage.  Nottingham’s twosome was Olivia and Amy, which seemed to be a popular choice but, unfortunately for them, the real star of the show was, quite obviously, Milkshake Monkey – an oversized primate dressed in a stripy waistcoat.

Milkshake Monkey wants to learn how to be a Fairytale Prince, so he’s magically transported into various well-known fairytales, in the hope that the characters in them can help him – but he’s only got until the clock strikes 12. From Dick Whittington and Cinderella to Hansel and Gretel and Jack and the Beanstalk, the show whirls through each story at a fast page, incorporating songs and dancing and just about managing to keep the attention of the easily distracted crowd.  Audience participation is encouraged – Fireman Sam had them rocking in the aisles - and who doesn’t love songs that teach children about what to do in the case of a fire, or show them how to tidy up?

The character’s costumes are impressive and really help to bring them to life and, from the smiles on the faces of the audience, anyone who’s a fan of Milkshake is sure to enjoy this show.  Does Milkshake Monkey learn how to be a Prince?  Well, it wouldn’t be a proper fairytale without a happy ending!

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