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9th July 2019

Club Tropicana The Musical is quite possibly the campest production to hit Nottingham’s Theatre Royal for a while.  Sky high shoulder pads, ridiculously large mobile phones, leggings, rara skirts and big hair set the scene for a riotous return to the 1980s. 

 9th June 2019

Golf.  Not something that I have ever had a massive amount of interest in.  I’ve seen the next door neighbour disappear off for the whole day to play and have always been glad that my other half hasn’t been bitten by the golfing bug.  So, when I was invited to have a lesson by the folk at Rushcliffe Golf Club in Nottingham, my interest was sparked … a little. 

 9th May 2019

When it comes to spa days, if I’m totally honest, I’m a bit meh.  Relaxing and wearing a swimming cossie are not my favourite things to do and I’d much prefer to be eating and drinking on a sunny City Break than pretending to be healthy. 

2nd March 2019

Food and cocktails at an adventure golf venue in Nottingham City Centre for Saturday date night?  It probably wouldn’t be my first choice if I’m honest but the folks at Lost City Adventure Golf want to persuade us that it’s a good idea, so I popped down to give it a try.

26th January 2019

There ain't no party like a Onesie Party, especially when it's an ice skating onesie party!

8th September 2018

A new tour has been recently launched at Nottingham’s National Justice Museum.  The Tales of Truth and Legend Tour promises to uncover the secret histories of the Museum, including its notoriety as the home of the Sheriff of Nottingham and its links with the Robin Hood fables.

13th December 2018

Another December brings another visit to Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall by John Wilson and his Orchestra, with a tuxedo-clad Mr Wilson and his impeccable ensemble of talented musicians serving “At the Movies” for Christmas this year. 

Playhouse Panto 2018 image

8th December 2018

The much loved tale Peter Pan has been dusted down again for this year’s panto at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal.

Starring comedian Joe Pasquale (him with the squeaky voice) and John Challis (Boycie from Only Fools and Horses) the Theatre Royal has once again wheeled out the big guns this December.  Backed up by a suitably boyish looking Jack McNeil as Peter Pan and very cheeky Lucy Evans as Tinkerbell, expect flying, dancing pirates and lots of fairy dust.

Playhouse Panto 2018 image

1st December 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Nottingham Playhouse.  It’s panto season and this year, Robin Hood is treading the boards to save the Babes in the Wood from the Sheriff of Nottingham.

To be honest, you can’t really go wrong with a Kenneth Alan Taylor festive offering – he’s been writing and directing the Playhouse Panto for so many years, he’s got it down to a fine art and this year is no exception.

Nativity image

21st November 2018

I’m sure that most of us have seen at least one of the three Nativity! films over the years and probably enjoyed it.  These Christmas staples are just bursting with feel-good festive joy and cute kids and have been so well received that the fourth instalment will be heading to a cinema near you this week. Meanwhile, the stage production of Nativity! has been wowing audiences in London for the past year and is now touring selected venues across the UK, including Nottingham's Theatre Royal.

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